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Today we have Miss Rachael joining Miss Stacey in the baby room. We’ve had a very pleasant Monday morning together. The children have been exploring the pin-boards and building towers by stacking the blocks. Jackson, Parker and Natalia built high towers together. We got the play-dough out and enjoyed rolling it in our hands, patting it, squashing it, cutting it (and tasting it of course). Together we enjoyed exploring outside. We rolled balls, hid in the tent,and pushed the trucks. Miss Stacey played a game with us where she named different body parts for us to find. Indigo and Penny especially enjoyed this game.  Parker and Natalia bought books over for Miss Rachael to read with them. Spot the dog was a big hit.

We practiced our fire drill today. We put all of the children into the emergency cot and rolled them out into the carpark. This was very sufficient and the children were very curious to see where we were going.

This afternoon Evan and Indigo enjoyed singing songs and playing with musical instruments together. Parker and Evan loved playing with the toy tractors. They would push the buttons on top to make a noise and thought this was absolutely hilarious! We are currently enjoying some more outside play.