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Babies Two – Thursday 12th September, 2019

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Good Evening Families, we hope you have had a lovely day…

Today we welcomed a new friend named Samuel to our babies two family. He was super settled and happy in his new environment and all the babies made him feel welcome by sitting with him during meal times and offering him lots of toys to play with. Our babies are so kind! 

Our morning, like always… began outside, greeting our educators and friends as they arrived. We were all super chill and relaxed this morning which was lovely to see! 

When we returned inside we enjoyed some delicious cake and fruit, then once we were done we wiped our faces and hands using wet wipes. Some of us are getting very good at doing this on our own! Well done! 

It was then time for Ava to go to gymnastics! She had a wonderful time with Miss Bea and even got a stamp at the end! Awesome work Ava! 

We had another busy day today with the children exploring both inside and outside of the classroom. 

At 10AM we decided to venture out to the sandpit yard to extend of Mason’s interest in cars. We collected some big diggers and dump trucks on our journey and took them into the sand pit with us. This was a lot of fun to experience some sensory play, along with introducing pretend play and sharing behaviours with the children. 

Throughout the day we also enjoyed listening to music, as we partied for Miss Sana’s birthday coming up this Saturday. She won’t be back until next Wednesday so we made sure we gave her lots of love and cuddles! 

We also starting creating a language tree today. We have noticed over the past month that our little babies are slowly, but surely turning into little toddlers. Especially with their communication abilities. We have started observing and recording words that we hear the children say and these will represent the leaves on our tree. This is a great way to encourage language and to display literacy from the child’s voice in our classroom. We are super proud of you all! 

Today’s Highlights: 

Mack loved putting on his shoes all by himself! Well done Mack, you’re such a big boy! 

Daisy showed beautiful empathy and friendship by joining Samuel on the floor today for lunch time. Together they ate all their food whilst socialising. It was super cute! 

Ava and Isla have both become more vocal and their physical abilities are growing day by day! Today they enjoyed following each other, climbing up and over the soft blocks outside. 

Mason and Onyx were best of friends today, chasing each other around the yard and pretending to tickle each other! Its so lovely to see all our babies getting along so nicely! 

Thank you for another fabulous day babies, tomorrow’s Friday… YAY! 

Have a nice night, 

Lots of Love, 

Miss Stacey and Miss Sana xxxxxxx





Written by elcbabies3

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