Hello babies two families and welcome to Tuesday.

Our day …….

We welcomed the day during a group time with miss Zara, we read three books today and all the babies expressed lots of interest. We read where’s green sheep? spot says goodnight and That’s not my baby. The books created lots of interest and allowed for the babies to touch and interact throughout the stories, lifting flaps and stroking different material. The babies were very calm and relaxed throughout and enjoyed this very much, excellent job babies. After this we allowed each of the babies to explore their individual interests. We set out the playdough on the table with the home corner resources. We placed the musical instruments down on the matt. The babies had a wonderful day interacting in the home corner and sharing as they tried to fit the shapes into the shape sorter. During lunch today, we shared our interests through babbling and copying each other’s behaviour. This was very cute to see all our friends interacting so lovely with one another. After our big sleep we plan to go outside and say hi to our friends from babies one whilst having a nice play in the fresh air.

Thankyou for a wonderful day.

Miss Zara and Miss Stacey

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Written by elcbabies1