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Babies Two – Tuesday, 6th March, 2018

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Rain Rain go away, come again another day….

We’ve had a wet day here today at the hills, so our morning was spent mostly inside due to the wet weather. Miss Elizabeth had an awesome threading activity set up for us to test our hand-eye co-ordination. Through this activity we identified different colours, animals and shapes. We also spent the morning listening to ‘The Wiggles’ nursery rhymes and playing the giant xylophone.

At morning tea time our babies followed Miss Stacey and marched their way back to our classroom where we sat down at the table to enjoy some delicious cake and fruit.

Once all our friends arrived we joined Miss Zara on the mat for a group time. To follow in the interests of the children we read interactive books that made noises and played music to help assist with the stories. Today we read a book about animals and the different noises they made, and also, we read a transport book with different car noises, including sirens and horns.

Mia’s mum Terri was kind enough to donate some shoe boxes for us to use in the classroom. With a little bit of brainstorming and research Miss Stacey and Miss Zara created some awesome sustainable sensory boxes for our sensory play zone. Miss Zara sat with the children and offered animal stickers for the children to stick on one shoe box. This is now our animal box, with many different species of animals hiding inside. Miss Stacey made an interactive ball box, with two holes in the lid. Children are then challenged by having to fit the balls into the holes, then open the lid to retrieve them before starting again. This is great for the children’s cognitive development. Our final box that we created today was an alphabet box. We found various items found in the classroom that start with the letter ‘B’ and placed them in the box. When you open the lid, you find that the inside is blue, and all the items are listed on the top of the lid. Inside our ‘B’ box you can find; A ball, bowl, bread, beetroot, brick, boat and many more. We will use the box to improve children’s language and communication and give them an opportunity to test themselves by selected the correct object when asked.

  • Mia loved getting her hair done, showing off her beautiful hair clips to the class.
  • Oscar was a very happy boy today, dancing and singing along to his favourite nursery rhymes.
  • Zara found the interactive table lots of fun, discovering all the different buttons and colours that she could press.
  • Samuelu loved that the sand trough had been moved outside. He enjoyed digging up sand and even sitting in the trough at one point.
  • Milah was role playing with the babies, placing them in the high chairs and pretending to feed them.
  • Fynlee was practising how to hop on and off chairs when sitting at the table. It’s a bit tricky at the moment and she needs a bit of help, but she is very persistent to conquer this skill!
  • Murray is so clever and just loves to stand all by himself everywhere he goes!
  • Alexander loved posing for the camera today, always showing off his big smile every where he goes.

Thank you babies for another wonderful day. You were all so fabulous considering we had to stay inside for most of the day!

Again, our computer is still broken so the Ipad is set up once again. Have a great night!

Miss Zara and Miss Stacey

Written by elcbabies1

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