May 15, 2019 Babies 2 No Comments

Good Evening Families we hope you have had a wonderful day! 

Today we decided to extend on Adam’s Interest of Trains. Miss Stacey and Miss Sana offered the train set to the children on the mat. Everybody worked together to put the tracks together and then placed the trains on the track. Adam, Mack and Zephyr said “Choo Choo” as they pushed their trains along the tracks. 

To extend even further the children painted and collaged three shoe boxes which we soon plan to turn into a train. The children loved getting messy and using different utensils and colours to make the train look vibrant and beautiful! 

Outside, the children helped clean our high chairs. Watching Miss Stacey hose them off then asking the children to use a cloth to wipe over the table tops. 

Today’s highlights: 

Evie loved going to Tumble Tots today, she had lots of fun! 

Onyx enjoyed playing in the toy house, she loved opening and closing the door and looking through the telescope. 

Adam, Zephyr and Mack have played so sweetly together today. They are best buds! 

Isla enjoyed watching the disco light! The colours shining up onto the walls caught her attention.

Rafaela slept on a big girl bed again, we are so proud of all the progress she is making and we will miss her so dearly when she moves up to toddlers! 

Alby loved playing with the musical instruments. We also caught him dancing along to music! Go Alby! 

We hope you have a lovely evening babies,

Lots of Love, 

Miss Stacey and Sana x 




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