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Good Afternoon Families

Welcome to another magical day in our beautiful babies 3 room. How lovely it was to see all the babies arrive happy and energetic ready to go on a big adventure, using their Imagination, learning new skills, socialising and having loads of  fun with all their little friends.

During our morning adventures in our outdoor area Lincoln and Carter chased balls, hid from each other in the circus tent giggling when the other one found the other and best of all Star angels in the sand. Lincoln also enjoyed a bit of role playing as he tried on Miss Shafagh’s hat, he thought he was hilarious 😆 

Jaxon was super excited as he investigated our new sensory bottles, shaking them to make loud noises, rolling, twisting, turning watching in amazement as glitter floated, fish swam and slippery lizards, snakes and frogs.

Pip busily bustled around in home corner trying to squeeze as much as she could into the oven. Pip collected a variety of objects from around the outside area books, balls, wooden bolts and srews from the construction table and a few sensory bottles. Now the struggle with shutting the oven door Uh Oh!!!!!

Birdie was taken by the cognitive toys, using her problem solving skills as she twisted and turned the spinning top around to see how to make it work. With a lot of thought Birdie soon found she needed to press the top down again and again, the music played and lights flashed as the top spun round and round. With a smile of accomplishment Birdie clapped her hands with excitement Yaaaaaaay!!!!!

Zac spent some of his time zooming around the yard pushing the activity walkers being ever so careful not to run into his friends as he zigged and zagged manouvering the walker and himself through the obstacles that were in his path. 

Summer has been super Social today engaging in play with her friends, even sharing some cuddles. Summer’s other interests today were sensory bottles and the circus tent, diving into the balls then looking around to see if anyone noticed, we would clap our hands and say yaaaay well done. With the biggest smile Summer would do it again looking and waiting for the applause.

For Our group time activities today we followed up from yesterday and enjoyed doing more craft to celebrate Halloween 👻🕷🎃 With orange paint and a shower loafer we painted and created a Jack O Lantern. This was a great sensory experience, some of the bubs weren’t too sure about the texture of the loafer and preferred to use their hands.

Thank you all for another Amazing Day!! 

Have a great afternoon, see you all again soon 😊

love Miss Deb Miss Danna and Miss Shafagh xxxxxx

Written by elcbabies3

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