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2020 Christmas Promo flyer

Penguin Pandemonium

Meet Santa and all his entourage in the cold, cold snow & go with them on a white fantasy journey to see how others celebrate a cold Xmas.

Wow-look at the Penguin’s!

Can they shake, flip and fall over in the snow too?

Let the children experience a Christmas all in white.

What is snow? Maybe we can build a snowman?

Ice Skating is so much fun!

It doesn’t snow in Australia at Christmas, so let the children enjoy a multicultural trip with Pete the Penguin as he travels to the lands where every Christmas is a White Winter Wonderland.


Date: Tuesday 1st December

9.30am BB1  BB2  BB3  TD1  TD2   10:15am SK  PK  KG1 KG2

($4.50 BB1 BB2 TD1 TD2    $6.50 SK PK KG1 KG2  automatically charged to your child’s weekly fees)