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Hello Families!

Today we had the pleasure of having Miss Lorraine in class with us today! We started off the day with some outdoor play with the babies from room 1.  After our delicious Fruit Pizzas in which we all enjoyed very much we gathered on the mat with Miss Stacey and Miss Lorraine for a group time. In todays group time we sung some of our favourite songs! We started with “Twinkle Twinkle.” Audrey, Penny and Elle were very good at using their twinkle fingers and when we sung “Like a Diamond in the Sky” they each made their own little diamonds with their fingers and held them up nice and high for everybody to see. We also sang “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” This song was everyone’s favourite with everyone dancing and copying all the movements. Aston and Jude thought it was very exciting when we sung “If you’re excited and you know it, shout hooray!.” Miss Lorraine then grabbed our “Words” book off the reading shelf and we all sat very closely whilst Miss Lorraine showed us all the pictures. We then played an interactive game where Miss Lorraine would point to the different animals on the page and the children had make the noise of that animal. When Miss Lorraine pointed at the dog the children would yell “woof woof.” and then when she pointed at the Cat everyone said “Meowwwww.” To continue our fantastic morning we all gathered at the table where Miss Stacey had organized some craft for us to do. Jude’s interests today was eating so we decided to make paper plate apples. Miss Stacey cut up some red paper and glued some paper plates so the children could stick the red paper onto the plate. Georgie was a bit uncertain of what to do at the start but after Miss Lorraine showed her what to do she got very confident and did a great job of sticking the pieces of paper onto her plate. In the afternoon we enjoyed some more outdoor play where we had a dance party! We danced to the Wiggles, and our favourite song was “Rock-a-Bye your Bear.” Aston, Audrey, Elle and Penny were all very good at clapping along to the song. Whilst we were all happily playing Miss Stacey also decided to get some bubbles out  which the children loved! Indigo would flap her arms and legs as the bubbles landed on her head, and Jude thought it was simply the best fun in the world and would laugh as the bubbles would come down around him. Today was another fantastic day and we hope you have a fantastic weekend with your families!

See you next week families! 🙂

From Miss Lorraine and Miss Stacey.

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