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Welcome to another busy and fun Friday!

Toddler 1 were very active today exploring and discovering what activities were set out for them.

Daisy brought in flowers and shared them with her friends. This was lovely to see.

Miss Sue set out some great wooden toys for the children to play with. The most popular one was the farmyard animals and blocks. The children used some of the blocks as telephones. Saxon and Lazar sat together say “Hello Mummy, Hello Daddy” While Blake put the blocks around the cows.

Daisy, Ocean and Arianna used the wooden tea cups and teapot to serve their friends tea.

Miss Larissa and Miss Shawn were in the room today as Miss Sue had to do some writing on all the Toddlers.



Leading up to Halloween, Miss Sue has created a room full of Skeletons, Witches, Pumpkins and Spiders hanging from the ceiling.

There are witches hats and buckets for the children to use and do what they wish with them. The Toddler 1 room seem to enjoy those dress ups and interacting with their friends. It’s great to see all the children’s imagination coming out as they move through the room!









At group time, Miss Shawn read a story called 10 Little Pumpkins by Rosie Greening. This is a counting and a very beautifully illustrated book. Throughout the book the children compared what they saw in the book to what they saw around the room. Lazar said ” Ocean spider like on Ocean skirt” And Leila said stars and pointed to the stars on her dress and the stars on the spider hanging. This group time was full of the children speaking up. They all were involved! This experienced showed the educators that the children were very in-tuned with their sense of sight and are becoming confident in using their voices. It was fabulous to see and hear!

Have a lovely weekend, see you all next week.


Miss Shawn, Miss Sue and Miss Larissa