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How long have you been in education?

I have been teaching under 5’s for four years and I’ve spent 3 years studying Primary Teaching.


What is your role at BHELC?

Certified Supervisor in PreKindy while Miss Nicole is away.


What are you reading, and is it on a kindle or hard cover?

I have just finished reading the book ” The Girl on the Train “


What are you watching?

I don’t usually watch T.V. but my grandparents have just introduced me to “Escape to the Country”


Your favourite food, sweet or savory, and what?

I just love FOOD! ….   especially fuit and veges


What is your perfect weekend?

Camping ……. somewhere away from the hustle – bustle!


Do you have a lifetime ambition or dream yet unfulfilled?

I want to create and build my own house.


Who is your hero?

My Mummy 🙂

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