Good afternoon KG 1 families and welcome to our daily blog, we can’t believe that it’s the end of our first week which is being fabulous from the first day!

Despite the overcast weather we decided to enjoy the outdoor area making sure we were very careful with the wet areas but having so much fun on the sandpit area, doing running races around the long bridge and testing our physical skills on the obstacle course. Some of our friends helped Miss Bea to pick the trolley from the kitchen so it was a good opportunity to say Hello to our teachers from last year.Then we came inside after putting our hats away (we have a new system where every child have a hook with their names and they are doing amazing to recognise their own hats) and we joined Miss Kate to pass the roll, keep practicing our Jingeri welcoming of the day and do our special dance to start the morning with the best energy, after we sat down to enjoy some yummy french toast with seasonal fruits and joined again Miss Kate on the mat to talk about the activities that we would like to do today.

-Painting activity: We decided to extend our sunflower theme and give the children the opportunity to recreate a bunch of sunflowers that we have on the class using some paint brushes and paints with Mister Lachlan supervising the activity, we will display them on the class!

-Arakan, Mister Dan is back! We divided the class in 2 groups and children had the chance to keep working on their motor skills at the same time they had a great fun!

-Children are super engaged with the new class and all the activities specially the puzzles, home corner, cars and space ship

At 11:45 it was lunch time, today we had some delicious fish quesadillas served with vegetables, then, after packing away it is rest time where the children have the choice of laying down on the yoga mats or rugs and rest their bodies or find a quiet activity as books, puzzles and drawing so we can get ready for an afternoon full of fun.

PD: Miss Kate has been working on the activity “All about me” with the children one to one to get to know more about them, as an extension we would like to display a family on the class so every child can show a bit more about their families so we would love to receive in the next days a photo with all the members of your family 🙂

Thanks KG 1 for this amazing week full of learning and fun, we are so proud of everyone and how good the children have been adapting to the new class! Have a wonderful weekend and see you next Monday!!

Miss Kate, Mister Lachlan, Miss Bea xxx