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Graduation, Friday, 13thNovember 

Venue: Bellevue Park State School Hall

Seated by: 5.30pm

Concert will begin at: 6pm

Dress code: Smart

Estimated end time: 7.30-8pm

If it’s possible, please try to pick your child up by 3pm. This is to ensure that they have something to eat, have a break, and get dressed before the concert.

Christmas Party

Date and time: 8th December 10-11am

Venue: Big carpark beside the Kindergarten building.

Good morning family and friends,


Today, we went on our very first excursion! Everyone made us so proud by paying attention when it was time to do so.


Before we left, the children enjoyed a brief morning tea. However, who could eat with all the excitement? We went through some safety rules, for instance, the clapping signal, walking in a straight line, and always staying with the group. Morning tea. After morning tea, we boarded the school bus with our drink bottles.


The bus was the highlight of the whole day! “Best thing, ever!” said Hannah. For most of the children, this was their first time on a bus. It was as if the children were on a roller coaster ride.


Here are their responses to the question, “Why did you like going on the bus so much?”

Hunter, “I liked when it drove, because it was so funny. Mason and me were laughing and we went ‘ahhhhh’.”

Arianna, “Because it was fun.”

Maddison, “Because I like everything.”

Oscar S, “I like the number 6 on it. There was a number 6 on it. Did you not see it when you went in?”


At Bellevue Park State school, the children walked in a neat line into the school hall. There, we met up with a few friends who don’t attend kindy on a Monday. Then, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 took turns to practise going on stage, singing our songs, and shaking Miss Shaz’s hands.


Everyone sang so beautifully are very excited about their graduation concert on Friday! For the past 2 weeks, we have been practising holding their certificates in front of their heart, shaking hands with their right hand and smiling for the camera.


Back at kindergarten, we had a short play time before wrapping the morning up with a brief group time. Hannah did a show and tell about her Ditto book. She’d brought it in to share with her friends. “I got it from Bravehearts, and I coloured it all in. It’s a thing where you have a yes feeling or a no feeling. And if you don’t feel safe, you can tell someone.”

Have a beautiful afternoon, everybody!



Miss Qiu and Miss Shawn