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Christmas Raffle

May we kindly request that you add a few things to our K1 Christmas Raffle box? This does not have to be expensive and can include everyday items such as tea, coffee, chocolates, mugs, etc.


Please ensure that your child comes to school with a hat, either the school’s or your own. There is a lesser chance of hats going astray if it’s not a school hat! Also, please return any spare hats that you might have at home.


In preparation for Big School, please feel free to add empty food containers/lunchboxes into your child’s bag!

Christmas Party

8th December, Tuesday from 10-11am.



Good afternoon families and friends,

When our friends came into the classroom this morning, they saw that ‘Elfie’ was hanging off the light with clothes attached to him. Funny little Elf getting unto mischief! The children thought this was so funny.

Today we had our last season of Art Therapy. It’s been so good having our art therapy through out the year. The children have learnt a lot. A big thank you to Miss V and Miss McKenzie. Today, Miss V read a story called, ‘The stone soup.’ It was about the community sharing different items to put into the soup for everyone to share. After our story we did some meditation, then sat at the table for our art activity. Miss V has different vegetables, potatoes, capsicum and apples. Miss V made different shapes into he vegetables, crosses, sort, curved edges then painted then all different colours.

During morning play time, we decorated the giant Christmas pictures that our friends drew yesterday. Other children played in our Christmas corner, and re-decorated our Christmas tree.

A massive thank you to Koa for making presents for all his friends. He demonstrated how Christmas is about giving! He’d written his friends’ names on an envelope and put a candy cane inside.

Have a gorgeous afternoon.


Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh