Good afternoon families and friends,

this morning we combined our two classes together. Everyone having lots of fun this morning, knowing that it is mostly everyones last day! Lots of gifts have been exchanged and our friends are giving big hugs to each other and of course to us the Educators.

I can’t believe Christmas is in 2 days away!!!

With it being such a beautiful day today, we had a beautiful picnic for morning tea sitting out on the grass, talking about the year we have had and how much we are all going to miss each other.

When inside, Miss Bronagh talked about some class rules before the children went off to play. At the tables, some friends made little craft people and played with LEGO. Over at the mat, others drew on the white board, hung out in construction area and the sensory play table.

After a book break with Mr Pete, we went outside for a big run before lunch.

We had a lovely day and hope everyone did too.


Miss Qiu, Miss Bronagh, Miss Jade, Mr Don and Mr Pete.