We hope you and your child have been enjoying the use of our reading books. Soon, we will stop the program. This is so that the books have time to be returned for next year’s Kindergarten classes to use.

Kindly return all reading books by next Monday, 14th December.

Good afternoon families and friends,

This morning when Miss Bronagh came to work, she was greeted with her friends being so excited to show her they had found LADYBUGS. Mr Don noticed the Ladybugs on the big tree and showed everyone. Our friends tried to catch them on to their hands. It was beautiful to see everyones happy faces.

As the rain began we moved inside. We all gathered on the mat to learn how to make snowflakes with paper and how to make Christmas tree chains. Miss Bronagh sat with the children and demonstrated how to cut little different shapes out of the paper, then when they open it they had beautiful snowflakes.  For the Christmas tree chains, Miss Bronagh cut lots of different coloured paper up into strips. I showed the children how to connect the paper together using glue, then to keep inserting different coloured strips. Our friends made some really cool chains ad super long ones.

Hope everyone enjoys the wet weekend ahead of us,

See you next week,

Miss Bronagh and Miss Shannan