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September 11, 2020 Kindergarten 1 No Comments

Information for Parents:

18thSeptember, next Friday

International Talk like a pirate day. Gold Coin donation for Cancer research. Dress like a pirate if you wish! We talked about it in class today and thought about making eye patches for them that day.

Good morning family and friends,

This morning, Charli and some children in Kindergarten 2 made an ice cream factory in the sandpit. Different sections of their ice cream factory made the ice cream and the cones. Charli wanted to make rainbow ice cream. However, no one knew what ingredients they might need. Miss Qiu said that she’d show them an ice cream factory video later in the day.

Meanwhile, Matthew and Spencer pointed out that the ladders were at a dangerous position by the slide. They were right! So, using some teamwork, they shifted the ladders over to the hexagon climbing frame. Well done for working together, boys.

Sara had her show and tell today. She brought in something that’s makes her happy. She drew a beautiful picture for her friends to see. She drew herself and her mum at the park, mum was wearing a face mask, so she doesn’t get sick. She talked about the big tall tree she drew and how it makes her feel so happy. Maddison also showed us what she got up to with Mr Cockatoo at the weekend. She talked about having a tea party with Mr Cockatoo and played the bee games. She then took him out for breakfast at her favourite café for Father’s Day. Thanks for sharing girls.

Before the puppet show, Miss Qiu did a group time with a hexagonal dice. Not only did the children get to toss the dice and recognise the numbers, they also got to choose an action to go with it. In doing so, the children linked the numeral (ie, the number) to the number of times they did an action, for example, clapping 8 times or hopping on one foot for 12 times.

Finally, it was time for the Puppet show! The children enjoyed songs and lots of jokes. In particular, there was a song about being kind. At the end, the puppeteers came away from the black curtains and demonstrated how they used each arm to make the puppets move. The children were proud of the puppet show cubby in classroom.

  • Spencer said, “my favourite part was the dancing unicorn.”
  • Mason said, “I liked the talking cake, it was so funny.”
  • Charli said, “the little guy was sad, then happy because the kids was nice to him.”
  • Matthew said, “The chicken was so funny.”
  • Leo said, “The cheesecake talking was funny.”
  • Sara said, “I liked when the chicken was being funny.”
  • Edie said, “When the cheesecake was singing, I was laughing.”
  • Lyla said, “I liked the dancing unicorn!”

Following up on Charli in the sandpit, we ended the morning with a video of ice cream made in a factory.

We wish everyone a beautiful weekend!


Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh

Written by elckindy

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