Hello and Happy FriYAY to all our Kindergarten 1 friends and families, welcome to Friday the 12th of July 2019.

Today we were all very excited for Miss Shannen’s birthday party, we had lots of balloons and streamers all around the yard with bubbles and music for all to enjoy. We had Happy Birthday colouring in pages out on the tables with crayons, the obstacle course was set up across the yard it was lots of fun made up of all our climbing equipment, we had puzzles, farm animals, colourful connectors, home corner babies having a tea party of their own in the sandpit along with all the cooking equipment/trays in the MUD Kitchen. The yard was very busy today with friends chasing the bubbles, dancing to the music and enjoying this sunny winter day.

We headed in a little earlier this morning as we had a very busy day ahead of us. All our friends lined up outside the bathroom door and as they passed Miss Shannen to go and wash their hands/put away their hats everyone gave Miss Shannen a hi-five for hi five Friday from our Be Kind Program.

During our mat time today we did our finger stretches, welcomed all our friends and teachers, sung our good morning song, days of the week and today we discovered that it was Friday and also Miss Shannen’s party as many friends added. Miss Shannen explained to everyone what we would be doing today before we transitioned to star of the day and morning tea. Our star of the day today is Anastasia!

Morning tea today we had a yummy mango flavoured jelly with berries and fruit toast on offer. Once our friends had finished eating their jelly and fruit we all packed away our bowls and found a quite activity to do while Miss Shannen and Miss Parisa set up our activity – we decided to have a cooking activity for the morning where today we made our very own cheesy sausage rolls and mini hot dogs with tomato sauce and cheese ontop! Each friend spooned onto the pastry the sausage roll mixture, sprinkling a bit of cheese ontop, we then folded the pastry over the mixture and pressed the ends with a fork finishing off with adding some melted butter before they went into the oven to bake.

As we finished making our sausage rolls Mr Daniel arrived for our Friday Arakan lesson. Mr Daniel took the children into two small groups outside in the sandpit area. Then once both groups had had their lesson we all lined up and made our way down to the under cover area outside the Pre Kindy room for our virtual reality Aboriginal Australia show the children all were able to wear a virtual headset where they showed us all about the Aboriginal stories, dancing and music culture. The children really enjoyed this experience seeing the performance through a different aspect. When the show finished we made our way back up to our room to eat our yummy sausage rolls and hotdogs for lunch, we each made our own hotdog with a warm dinner roll, Frankfurt sausage, cheese and sauce and some sausage rolls with more sauce. They were very yummy with no crumb left.

In the afternoon we went outside a little earlier today to have birthday celebrations with Miss Shannen. We played a game of parcel parcel, and sung a very big happy birthday to Miss Shannen with both Kindergarten classes all enjoying yummy pink cupcakes. We continued with our birthday party with more dancing and bubbles for the rest of the afternoon.

Today has been sooooooo much fun celebrating Miss Shannen’s birthday lots of laughter and smiles.

Happy birthday Miss Shannen for tomorrow we hope that you had the best day! Enjoy the weekend everyone. Miss Sophie is back on Monday and parents please remember that Monday we are having our Parent/Educator day starting from 4:00pm – 6:00pm.

Thank you to all my Kindergarten friends for all my flowers, chocolates, donuts, cards and flowers you have made me feel very loved! See you all next week Miss Shannen and Miss Parisa.


Written by elckindy