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Raffle Tickets – $5

(Thank you so very much to all the families who have sent the raffle tickets back with $5!)

We’ve sent home a tiny book of raffle tickets with your child’s name on it. It costs $5 to participate in the raffle, and all proceeds will go towards our classroom fund! This will allow us to buy resources for the room, such as torchlights, Earth puzzles, The Body book, a world map, etc (these are the children’s suggestions). If you do decide to participate, please send the raffle ticket booklets back with $5.

Dear Family and Friends,

Welcome to graduation day!! Everyone is super excited! Remember to drop your child at the door with the educator by 5.30pm, curtains open at 6pm. This will give us time to get the children ready. Can’t wait to see you all there.

Our friends had lots of fun running around outside, playing ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf.’ Mr Daniel came for Arakan, which the children LOVE!

We had lots of practise for graduation and the children are ready to show you all what they have learnt.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone, and see you all tonight,

Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh