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Hello and good afternoon to all our beautiful Kindergarten 1 friends and families, welcome to Friday, 13th of December 2019.

We were all enjoying a cool, overcast morning in the Kindy yard this morning. We had Tiana, Edith, Indigo, Mitchell and Hallie were busy in the home corner making some yummy food for Miss Sophie. Tiana made a pineapple soup. How very interesting!
Our boys were busy digging in the sandpit, pretending to be metal detectors and pipe cleaners.
We were very lucky to get some rain, cooling everything down and giving our beautiful gardens a drink! We continued to play in the rain, enjoying doing some rain dances. Let’s hope we can send the rain our to our fire effected areas!

Once it was time to come inside, the children all lined up at the door, dusted off the sand, washed their hands, put their hats away and sat on the mat ready for our morning group time. Here we sang our good morning song, did our welcome to country and did our days of the week song.

After a yummy morning tea the children found some fun and exciting activities to do. Hallie, Indigo, Olivia B, Keeva, Mitchell, Amelia G, Amelia S and Edith were doing some very imaginative role play in the home corner, with some pretending to be puppy dogs and others being their owners. The ties the scarfs around their waist for the owners to use as a lead. They were doing lots of training, teaching their dogs to sit, fetch and roll over.
Anastasia was busy typing away on her computer at her desk, answering some emails and writing letters.

Chloe and Hannah were in the block corner, putting together a house with the giant building blocks.
Aston, Ryder, Aron, Blaze, Seb and Jae were playing with the puppets and wearing super hero capes.

Mr Daniel arrived for our Friday Arakan lesson. The children had lots of fun burning their energy, learning to protect their bodies and using the punching gloves.

We had a very imaginative day today with lots of fantastic playing spaces.
Thank you for a wonderful week Kindergarten1, we hope you have a great weekend!

Miss Sophie and Miss Bronagh ?




Written by elckindy

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