Good afternoon to all our KG 1 families and welcome to our daily blog, one more week full of learning and fun and children look totally settled in their new environment

Our morning started in the yard with our KG 2 friends and vacation care, lots of racing games, climbing the trees, the wooden structure and the rope net, the sun was shinning strongly since early in the morning so we made sure everybody was wearing their hats, applying sunscreen and drinking lots of water, at 9:30 we met Miss Kate on the mat to pass the roll and start our morning in our favorite way, DANCING! today we picked Who let the dogs out song, which everybody enjoyed a lot, then it was morning tea time: yogurt fruit salad and berry jelly, yum!

Once our tummies were full, we joined Miss Kate again to discuss the activities we would like to explore:

  • Messy area: Mister Lachlan filled the trays, one with water and food colouring and the other with grass and different animals so children could create their own mini jungles, such a refreshing activity for the heat. Children also had the opportunity to create some paintings using the easel and brushes\
  • Writing table: children have been practicing how to write their names using a template, paper and pencils.
  • Home corner was very busy as usual, lots of baking and cooking
  • Free play: we let the children choose any activity they would like to play with, today the puzzles and cars were the most popular ones.

As every Friday we had our Arakan class with Mister Dan, the class is split in 2 groups of 7 children, today we learn about the different parts of the body, our left/right side, running races and some punching on Mister Dan special Glove.

At 11:30 after pack away the class we joined Mister Pete to hear some cool stories at the same time that some friends were helping us to prepare the table for lunch time, then we went to the sandpit for a quick play, lots of cakes have been made using sand, sticks and leaves. After burning all our energies it was lunch time, delicious vegetarian nachos with beans and lentils, fresh guacamole and cheese, everyone loved it!

In the afternoon we could enjoy a birthday party from our friend Lucia!! She is turning 4 years old and brought some party hats and cookies to celebrate with all of us, thanks so much, we love to see you growing full of joy!

Now we are back on the yard to keep playing with all our friends before going home and enjoy the nice weekend that is ahead.

Thanks so much everybody for one more week full of learning and fun, we hope you have a wonderfull weekend!!

Miss Kate, Mister Lachlan, Miss Bea