Hello and Happy FriYAY to all our Kindergarten 1 friends and families, welcome to Friday the 16th of August 2019.

This morning out in the yard the sandpit area was very busy today with Seb, Amelia S, Samar, Keeva, Amelia G, Anastasia and Remy making big long sausage rolls with the bamboo water run pipes. Ryder and Aron were having a wonderful time kicking the small basketball to each other. Indigo, Hallie, Willow, Ameilia. S, Ameilia G, Edith and Chloe were climbing on the fort and ‘hanging out on the net with Miss Shannen in the sun warming up.

We all really enjoyed our morning out in the yard with everyone. It was a perfect day to finish off the week with, exploring and engaging with the outdoor environment.

Miss Shannen had helpers today to set up our morning tea and once morning tea had been set up we all made our way inside the Kindergarten 1 room to wash our hands with lots of soap and water washing away any gems, practicing good hygiene, then making our way down onto the mat with Miss Sophie for our morning group time. During our daily morning group time we all turned on our listening ears, big voices, backs up straight, legs crossed ready to learn! We sung our good morning song – greeting and welcoming all our friends and teachers, discovered that today is Friday when we sung our days of the week song and changed our Be Kind Program gesture to ‘Hi-Five Friday’ each friend then turned to the friend sitting next to them and gave them a BIG Hi-Five!

Our star of the day today is our friend Amelia.S! The children transitioned to star of the day with Amelia.S to morning tea self serve. Morning tea today we had yummy fruit toast with a drizzle of honey on top or on the side with a fresh selection of fruit – strawberries, honeydew and rockmelon.

Once our friends had finished eating their morning tea, the children were able to enjoy free choice morning play within the room selecting an activity. The children also had Arakan today out in the sandpit area with Mr Daniel.

Today we had our last science experiment for National Science Week. And we made our own rainbow using Skittles! Everyone placed one Skittle around the edge of the plate, Miss Sophie then carefully poured warm water over the coloured Skittles (just enough to cover them all) We then patiently waited and watched as the warm water did its magic, slowly the colours from the Skittles ran off individually then mixing into one colour all together. It was very cool to watch and see and a fun activity to end our science week.

Parents please check your child’s Parent Pocket for your raffle tickets for our Father’s Day Raffle. There are great prizes to be won!

Next week is Book Week and to celebrate Book Week we are having two days yes two days of Book Week dress up – Wednesday the 21st and Thursday the 22nd you can come dress up for one day or both days, we can’t wait to see you all dress up in your favourite book character. We are also seeking the book “Green Eggs and Ham’ – Dr. Seuss if anyone has this book may we please borrow it for the week. Thank you in advance.

We hope everyone has a great weekend and we will see you all on Monday.

Miss Sophie and Miss Shannen


Written by elckindy