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CBCA Book Week NEXT WEEK October 17th-23rd (yes, again!)

Book character dress up dayMonday, 17thOctober and Thursday, 22ndOctober. Feel free to bring a favourite book to school every day during book week!


For our doctor’s clinic: medicine dispenser/syringe (the one used for dispensing syrup-y medication), gloves, small torches, bandages, etc.

For our loose parts play: Sea shells, glass pebbles, anything pretty!

For our recycled art: small boxes (e.g. tissue box- sized and smaller)




Good morning families and friends,

Happy Friday to everyone, and what a beautiful day it is today.

We started off this morning with fun outside play. We played some Halloween music and our friends where dancing and singing around the yard. We pretended to be zombie’s, ghost and witches dancing around trying to save and chase each other. We had Arakan toady which is a huge hit for our friends. They all get involved and look forward to Arakan every week.

We came inside a bit early today as it’s very hot outside. We had our group time, sang our morning songs, greeted everyone with a big ‘Good Morning’ and said our achknowledgemnt to the country. We then got ready for morning tea. Today we had banana’s, strawberries, blueberries and rock melon, with crackers and sultanas.

Spencer was the teachers helper today, he wrote his name on the wall and told us what day it is today.. FRIDAY! The best day of the week. He then helped Miss Qiu to put out the activities around the room. Zoey brought in a show and tell for her friends. She brought in a big fish, this is a special fish as we all knew the fish’s name. It was a huge DORI! When you push the bottom Dori talks. Zoey said she got it from the shop and she loves it. She let her friends play with Dori. Thanks for sharing with us Zoey.

For todays activities, Miss Qiu made some green play dough with our friends and added some googley eyes to make a scary monster. On another table we had the dolls house with some heuristic plays items. Our friends made a long path way leading up to the dolls house and the floor was lava! On the third table we had the connecter flowers, making different shapes and too see how long our friends could make them. On the last table we had the lego. Leo made a house with the Lego, and it could fly. Matthew made a really long rocket ship. Well done Matthew.

On the construction mat, we were building a big tower using the big blocks and the sample mats. Zoey and Lyla worked together to make theirs super high. It was so high Miss Bronagh had to lift Zoey up so she could reach the top. In the Doctor’s clinic, our friends where pretending to be doctors, nurses and patients. Our friends had sheets of paper to write the patients information on it and ensure they are doing ok.

We had another group time, Miss Qiu read a story called ‘Welcome to country.’ It’s a beautiful book by the Wurundjeri People. Miss Qiu talked more about Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people and how they lived many years ago.

We got ready for lunch,vegetarian PIZZA! All the pizza was gobbled up by our friends, they told me hoe much they love pizza days. We sat down together and listened to the story of Red Riding Hood. We then sat for quiet activities.

We practised our songs for our graduation which is coming up very soon. Our friends are excited to show all their mum’s and dad’s the songs and dances we have learned. We then got our suncream on, put our hats on, sang our good bye song and went outside for a picnic for afternoon tea.

We had a wonderful Friday, hope you all did also. Have the best weekend,

Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh