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Hello and happy FRI YAY to all our kindergarten 1 friends and families, welcome to Friday the 17th of May 2019.

Was a little wet today so we had a small obstacle course set up on the lawns and a reading mat on the dry section of the decking that also had the train tracks and trains for lots of tracks to be constructed.

We had trucks and sandpit toys in the sandpit area with another mini obstacle course inside the sandpit with ramps and a balance beam to balance along on top of the sand.

Indigo and Mitchell were balancing along the climbing equipment

Blaze, Parker and Seb were running around playing tag

Aston was pretending to be a dinosaur in the bark area

Friends were dancing and requesting songs for Miss Sophie to play it was lots of fun out in the yard this morning and we had lots of friends here today.

We all joined Miss Sophie on the mat for our group time where this morning we sung our usual songs days of the week and good morning song and we all said in our big voices its FRIDAY! We also as a class practiced our sign language ABCs with Miss Sophie and Miss Shannen we are all doing a wonderful job and doing so well with our sign language letters. Miss Sophie practiced our joining and rhyming words with each individual child giving them each two words to join together then sound our the word. During our mat time we also spoke about Dungan or class room bear and Dungan the bear this week is going home with our friend Seb! Seb was very excited to be taking Dungan home, we can’t wait to see and hear about Dungan and Sebs adventures. Our star of the day is Seb! Seb had a smile from ear to ear when he herd his name for star of the day and did a fantastic job with our star of the day welcomes we had lots of hugs.

Our friends had yummy fresh fruit bread with honey and our chef’s homemade raspberry jam for morning tea today and fresh fruit of bananas and rockmelon. We had Arakan with Mr Daniel today. It was very wet so we did it in the sandpit area. A few friends did their name writing activity and others were doing their Identity activity where they had to look in a mirror and draw their faces. And our other friends had free play in the room. Edith, Amelia, Hadley and Keeva were busy in the home corner, looking after their babies and cooking some delicious food, Eric was playing with Jae and the fire truck making lots of fire truck sounds. Parker and Seb were playing with the dinosaurs. ROAR. It was very busy in our room this morning with lots of fun happening.

Please note that next Tuesday the 21st of May we are having our World Culture Day, children that attend on Tuesday have each received a container to bring along with a dish from their culture for everyone to try and taste to experience different foods from the different cultures of our classroom. Yum can’t wait! Please remain vigilant with the food you bring as we have children with intolerances and anaphylaxis including nut and eggs.

Fun fact for Friday – Its only 32 weeks until its Christmas!

Enjoy your weekend we hope to see you at the 3Bs Early Years  Neighbourhood Network Event that is happening tomorrow the 18th of May at Evandale Park (situated behind council chambers and HOTA) from 9:30am – 11:30am. Come along to a fun morning of activities and its FREE!

Miss Sophie and Miss Shannen

Written by elckindy

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