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Hello families and friends,

Happy Friday everyone, and lets hope this rain stays of for the day. This morning we were able to go outside and have some fun. Some of our friends dug through the mud and soil to see what they could find. Some friends searched the big tree to find some Ladybugs, let them crawl round their hands then set them back onto the tree again.

After morning tea we had Arakan, so the boys went outside with Mr Dan first, while the girls played, ‘doggy doggy wheres your bone,’ ‘duck duck goose’ and Chinese whispers.  Then we swapped over so the girls down Arakan and the boys played the inside games.

When Arakan finished we all went outside again. We played frozen reindeers, chases, hide and seek and singing & dancing. It great to get outside, the children love being able to run around.

After lunch we did yoga then played quiet activities before having afternoon tea and fingers crossed the rain stays off so we can play outside.

Hope everyone has the best weekend,

Miss Bronagh and Mr Don