February 21, 2020 Kindergarten 1 No Comments

Remember to check our Kindergarten One notice board! New Show and Tell Schedule is up and ready to roll the week after next (2nd March 2020)

Quick reminder: Parent-teacher evening next Wednesday, 26th February, 6-7pm.

Good morning family and friends,

Mason was the teacher’s helper today. After writing his name (good job!) he did a ‘d’ show and tell by bringing in pictures of 5 dogs! Dogs start with ‘d’. The children are getting better at asking questions. They asked if they are boy or girl dogs. Mason answered that some are boys and some are girls.

Aboriginal people – We did our acknowledgement this morning. They are the first people of Australia. Some children remembered! Miss Qiu explained that before all our mummies and daddies came, the Aboriginal people were the only ones in Australia. They shared their land with us. That’s why we acknowledge them in the morning, out of respect.

Every morning, Mr Dingo sings a good morning song to everyone as a mini revision for everyone’s names. As Florence requested, he kissed them on the top of their heads today.

During morning activities, Zoey, Skyla, Hannah, Connor, Leo, Florence, Edie, Julia, helped Miss Qiu cut leaves out of old gift bags. Re-use, reduce and recycle! If you have pretty wrapping paper, or any old gift bags for us, please bring them in.

The children were reminded about what we can do with the tubes in construction area. Miss Qiu explained that if it’s steeper, the cars will pass through the tunnels a lot quicker than if the slope was gentle. This is Engineering 101! Sara, Mason, Connor and Leo were playing here before Arakan started.

Following up from yesterday, some children practiced writing their names on the whiteboard, remembering to make sure that the lids clicked. They are really good at caring for our classroom. Charli chose to start the morning with this activity.

Arianna and Maddison completed their art folder paintings with Miss Bronagh.

Arakan with Mr Daniel – today, they took turns throwing squeaky toys at a moving target!

To finish off the morning, we had a mini puppet ‘show’ with Mr Cockatoo, Mr Platypus and Mr Dingo. Sara was Cockatoo, who pretended to ‘cry’ when Mr Platypus wasn’t nice to him. This gave the children an idea of what to say when in disputes with others.

Wishing everyone a nice weekend.


Miss Qiu, Miss Bronagh and Miss Roya

Written by elckindy