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Halloween dress-up days next Tuesday, 27th October and Friday, 30th October!


The photographers have been doing a fantastic job with the children’s pictures! Most of the children had their ‘normal’ photo and graduation photo taken, with their gowns on. Please let the main reception know if you’d like to place an order.


We will be giving out their invitations and we will personally place it in their bags. If your child is at school today, the invitations will be in their bags. Due to COVID, we can only allow 2 adults (no siblings) to the graduation ceremony. The graduation list is at the gym reception, on the easel. Please write the names of both adults. Thank you!

Dear family and friends,

Happy Friday!

Thank you for all the books that you brought in this week for book week. We’ve had many book-reading requests and loved fulfilling all of them.

For our first group time, Miss Qiu continued with invented spelling. The words the children chose today were ‘cat, ghost and witch’.

After a morning tea, Edie did a ‘talking show and tell’. Edie, “When I was a baby I saw superheroes at Movie World. We took a photo. With mummy and daddy and molly was a baby too. Molly was 2 and I was zero.”

Grayson: What was your favourite ride at Movie World?

Edie: The car ride. It went around and back. It was a slow one.

Hannah: What else did you like at Movie World?

Edie: I got some sausage rolls for lunch.

Hannah: No, I mean, what other rides do you like?

Edie: Don’t know.

Our friends became quite excited when discussing rides, so Miss Qiu extended upon it by doing a voting chart. With the children’s help, she wrote ‘slow’ and ‘fast’. We had a vote, counted it, and evaluated which was more.

During morning play, more children played in doctor’s clinic. Today, we added one of Spencer’s mum’s tools which she donated to us, a drip. Miss Qiu showed everyone how we could use the torch and ask our patient to say ‘ah’ to see if everything in our mouths and throat looked normal.

Also on offer at the tables was play dough, where there were many zombies on the table, number cards, and Grayson’s soldiers. Mr Don and Grayson bonded beautifully over creating stories with Grayson’s soldiers about sharing the land and sorting them out into different tribes. In construction area, we added tubes, which became tunnels for the cars. At construction area, the children had to problem solve and work as a team to make the tunnels work.

During our book break, Mr Don read ‘A sister just like me’ and another motorcycle book. He talked about proper book care and the benefits of enjoying stories.

Before lunch, Skyla showed us a book which she had made with her dad. Every page started with ‘This is my family’, and continued with ‘this is my’ on every page.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


Miss Qiu and Mr Don (Miss Bronagh is away)