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Hello and Happy Friday to all our friends and families in the Kindergarten 1 room, welcome to Friday the 24th of May 2019.

We had the new water run out again. They were large bamboo logs with stands for our friends used and moved the bamboo logs around on the stand to make their own water run. There was an obstacle course set up on the lawns with balance beams, steps, and ramps to walk along.  We had lots of sandpit toys in the sandpit area and cooking equipment in the mud kitchens for our friends to cook up a feast for our Friday morning. Poppy and Hannah were busy in the sandpit area. Aston and friends were playing super heroes in the bark area, showing some pretty impressive moves. Olivia was being very creative at the drawing tables.

We came inside a little earlier today as we had our Barn yard Babies show. Our star of the day today is Jae! Jae did a fantastic job at being our star of the day and gave all our friends a beautiful welcome as we transitioned over to morning tea where we ate yummy fruit toast with freshly made jam, honey and added fruit to the side. Just as we finished eating Mr Dan arrived for our friends to have their Arakan lesson out in the Kindergarten yard, Mr Dan took the children in two groups. The children found some free choice activities to do while we waited for our turn with the Barnyard Babies. Blaze, Seb, Aston and Parker were having a great time with the mobile, racing their cars along the Kindy floor. Eric, Jae and Edith were exploring their cognitive learning, putting together some puzzles. Rie and Tiana were playing with the wooden animals, making animal noises.

Today we had a very special visit from some very special baby animals. We got to meet, feed and pat farm animals such as goats, lambs, ducks, chickens and more. We had to make sure we were very gentle with the babies and to not scare them all our friends were very calm in the Barnyard Babies pen and enjoyed following the chickens and even some friends were brave and got to have a quick hold of one of the chickens and also got a turn at brushing the goats coat and everyone was able to feed the baby lamb a bottle of milk at the end of the visit.

The Barnyard Babies were so adorable, and all of the children were very calm. Everyone got to feed the baby lamb and hold some of the animals. It was such a lovely end to the week.

We hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and we will see you all on Monday. Enjoy the photos from our farm day.

Parents please check your child’s parent pockets as we noticed some pockets aren’t getting checked.

Miss Sophie and Miss Shannen



Written by elckindy

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