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Good morning family and friends

Today, we had 9 friends with us in Kindergarten One -,Julia, Hannah, Leo, Isla, Edie, Mason, Maddison, Sara and Charli. Leo played a game of bat and ball with Nash from Kindergarten 2, and they were occupied with that for a long time.

Before they came upstairs, Julia, Edie, Mason and Maddison had a look at a plant with lots of leaves suspiciously eaten till only a stem remained. We suspected that there were many hungry caterpillars about! One caterpillar was spotted, but it was surrounded by lots of ants. Perhaps the ants were trying to find somewhere dry in case it rained. By hypothesising out loud and drawing the children to details in their environment, we provide them the opportunity to make sense of the world around them.

Sara asked for some music, so Miss Bronagh started a dance floor going for a game of frozen statues. Julia, Leo, Charli, Edie and Mason boogied away. We loved seeing all their cool dance moves! Sara and Hannah were initially hesitant to join in with the dance, but soon warmed up to the action.

During morning tea, Maddison started singing ‘jelly on my plate’, which inspired Isla and all those in Kindergarten 1 to do the same.

Not pictured are the LEGOs that we brought out, the colouring-in sheets of springtime flowers that they did, and the hungry caterpillar collage that they will be doing later on.

You’re all in our thoughts and we wish you good health.


Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh

Written by elckindy