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Events: Dental Health Show next Monday, 3rdAugust (paid show). Please dress your child in jeans for Jeans for Genes next Friday, 7th August (gold coin donation).

Treasure: We are looking for squeezy bottles for pretend play in the kitchen. These include tomato sauce, mustard, barbecue sauce. May you please help us collect them and bring them in? Also, we are collecting small boxesfor art area and shoe-boxes for storage.

Good morning family and friends,

Thank you once again for the fantastic spread for Dress-Up and Dessert Day yesterday!

Mr Daniel started the day off with a bang during Arakan. Today, they did the usual drills of throwing, catching, punching and aiming. He never fails to make the children laugh with his funny antics.

Following Arakan, the children had raisin bread for morning tea.

Then, Miss Qiu introduced the Torres Strait Islander flag to the children and explained that it was Floral Friday, Torres Strait Islander Day. We sang along to ‘Taba-Naba’, by The Wiggles, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. Miss Qiu explained that the head-dress that they were wearing was also on the Torres Strait Islander flag. In addition, the song was about going out to sea on a little boat.

Since it was floral Friday, we spent some time making flowers out of some colourful heart-petals. This activity was good for the children to explore their creative side, learn a new technique and develop their fine motor control as they manipulate all the materials.

At the same time, Miss Bianca sat with some children at the LEGO table. Mason was trying to make a telephone, Lyla was making a car with a door and a seat (yes, just one) and Julia made Arianna’s room. Isla, Kallum and Edie were testing out our magnetic fishing rods on the paper clips. Spencer spontaneously took out the recyclable materials to create his own structure.

After packing away, Miss Qiu told the story of the Fisherman and the Golden Fish. She introduced some vocabulary – greedy and satisfied, to describe the Fisherman’s greedy wife. The children were enthralled by the story. Ultimately, the morale of the story was to ask politely if you want something, and to be content with what you already have.

Have a gorgeous sunny weekend, everybody!


Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh


Written by elckindy

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