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Jingeri to all our beautiful families and welcome to our daily blog, today it was our Floral Friday to put end to this amazing week, our beloved Miss Kate was away in the class but we had Miss Shannen, Miss Bea And Mister Pete all they long, this is what we did during the day at kindy…

Our morning started enjoying the beautiful weather on the yard making sure that everyone was wearing their hats, lots of sunscreen and water to keep our bodies protected and fresh!! Children enjoyed the sandpit area baking delicious sand cakes, digging big holes and playing with the shovels pretending that they were guitars.

Once inside we met Miss Shannen on the mat to pass the roll, talk about the weather, the date and sing our days of the week song, today we couldn’t watch any video because our internet is not working, our apologizes for the inconvenience, we also remind all the words that we learnt through the week that start with the letter S : snake, sausage, star, sun, sunflower, skateboard, sick, spot, sign, sailboat, etc then we sat down to enjoy the yummiest baked beans with Turkish bread ever, children loved them having even seconds!!

After packing away and our tummies full of goodness we joined Miss Bea on the mat to read the Ginger bread man book that our friend Sophia brought to kindy, after reading it everybody agreed to make some gingerbread cookies at kindy so it might be a good activity to work on next week 😊 Miss Kate organized some clean up Australia activities for the day so Miss Bea explained to the kids that the other day walking on the beach unfortunately she found a plastic bottle on the shore, then we talked about the different recycling bins that we have here and the different activities that were on the table for us:

-Ocean clean up: Children had to use the thongs to remove the piece of plastic and paper that were on the ocean tray to help the fish to have a clean space

-Recycling bins cards: There were different bins and all sort of rubbish (plastic bottles, clothes, food, glass, etc) children had to put the cards in the right bin.

-Playdough: children tried to make different items for the recycling bins

We also had arakan with Mister Kris, the class was split in 2 groups, we learnt how to punch with the hammer fist with our left and right hands.

At 11:30 we went for a quick play on the sandpit area with our KG 2 friends to burn some energy and get hungry so we could enjoy the beautiful sushi bowls with tuna and tofu and Miss Kristie made for us.

We hope that everyone have a wonderful and relax weekend, we will see you back again on Monday

Lots of love Miss Shannen Miss Bea Mister Pete