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Jingeri to all our wonderful friends and families of our Kindergarten 1 room, welcome to our Floral Fun Friday at the Hills!

The Sun was shining since early in the morning so we made sure everyone applied lots of sunscreen and drink lots of water to keep our bodies fresh, we loved all the outfits full of flowers and colors, Miss Bea  thought that it would be a good idea to start the day shaking our bodies with some fun Friday music, the green slide was super popular as well as the obstacle course.

Children are constantly asking us how can they help us so Miss Bea took some children to the kitchen to grab morning tea and say Hello to our  PK and SK friends, they did amazing!

We then headed inside to beginning our group time. We acknowledged the country, warmed up with the song of the day. We found out the days, date, weather and recapped our sounds. The Sound/letter of the week is “i” and friends worked well with remembering how we write it! “Down the insects body with a dot on the top”. As a transition to wash their hands Miss Kate showed them different letters and they had to say the name and the sound

For morning tea we had delicious Turkish bread to dip in the warm and filling baked beans with tomato sauce, yuum!! Then we could see how Mister Dan was setting all his stuff to practice some Arakan with us, we divided the class in 2 groups, so meanwhile some friends were in Arakan  the rest engaged with the indoor activities:

  • Making food for our cafe , children helped Miss Shannen to create some pizzas, doughnuts, watermelons and cookies, they look amazing!
  • The Cloud cafe today was specially busy! Everybody had a turn as a chef, costumer and serving food, even Miss Kate got some fresh kombucha
  • Wooden road and cars, children did an amazing team work creating a big and long road to play with the cars and trucks
  • Book corner, others were feeling more like chilling on the affirmation area reading some beautiful stories and drawing on our “What can you see?” area with the amazing views to the gold coast city

After pack up we joined Miss Kate and Miss Bea on the mat for a meditation time closing our eyes and laying down in our backs to think about what are we feeling grateful for today: For my family, My teachers, My friends, My house, The rainbow… we love to hear all they affirmations and things that make them feel grateful, then we transitioned to lunch time telling to our friends what are the plans for the weekend or what we would like to do, heaps of outdoor activities pop out, what a great plan to enjoy this beautiful weather!

For lunch we got sushi bowls served with rainbow veggies, teriyaki tofu and tuna, everyone loved it!!

At rest time we sat to drew “The best part of my day” in our journals. We then engaged in quiet table activities such as small block construction, puzzles, reading books and drawing.


  • A friendly reminder to all our parents and friends if we can all please keep our masks on when dropping off and picking up and we kindly ask that you stay at the Kindergarten 1 gate
  • Parent/ Teacher meetings- Yes it is that time of year where have our first meeting together. We will be discussing school readiness and how far your child has come since beginning Kindy 1! We will also be discussing new goals and anything our friends may need to develop! Please book your slot on our calendar. If these dates or times do not work, please see Miss Kate


Have the best weekend! Lots of love Miss Kate, Miss Bea and Miss Shannen xx