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CBCA Book Week October 17th-23rd (yes, again!)

Book character dress up day Monday, 17thOctober and Thursday, 22nd October. Feel free to bring a favourite book to school every day during book week!

Sleep time (for your information)

In preparation for school, the children no longer have sleep time. Instead, we have a longer play time, a later lunch, some yoga/children’s meditation/story, then quiet activities.

Transition Statement consent forms

May you please fill these forms in even though your child wouldn’t be going to Prep next year? Just tick the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ boxes on the front page, sign and fill your details out on the next page, leaving ‘school’ section blank.

Reading Books exchange system

Our reading books will now be located downstairs, in the gym, so that you’ll be able to pick a book with a child. We kindly ask that you make sure to return a book, before taking another one. Thank you!


Please make sure that your child comes to school with a hat on their head. If they don’t have a hat, they wouldn’t be able to go outdoors for a play as they wouldn’t be sun-safe.

Heuristic Play


Glass pebblesCDsNuts and BoltsSea ShellsSmall boxes with lids

And…some magazines for cutting up, please.


Good afternoon families and friends,

Happy Friday everyone, and what a beautiful day! We had lots of outside play today. Our friends were building sand castles, playing families and animals, chasing each other, playing with space hoppers and much more! Mr Dan came this morning for Arakan, as always our friends get excited for Arakan. Milan and Koa had their first experience at Arakan today and enjoyed it.

When Arakan was finished we had a beautiful morning tea picnic. We enjoyed our bananas, strawberries, apples and mandarins. We came inside for group time. We revised our sounds, talked about the day of week and what the weather is like today. We talked about mermaids and how we draw them as Hannah has an interest in Mermaids. Miss Qiu talked about the shape of the mermaid. First she drew a head, with eyes, nose and mouth. She drew the neck and the arms, then her body. Our friends told Miss Qiu what she needed to draw for it too look like a mermaid. She drew the mermaid’s tail. We then discussed what we wanted to play today.

We had a table set up to continue decorating our special graduation bag with Miss Qiu. As Leo is the teacher’s helper today, he got to choose some activities for 3 tables. He chose LEGO, where our friends build rocket ships and castles. On table 3, Leo chose recycled art. Lots of different materials for our friends to create a masterpiece. they had glue, glitter, fabrics, cardboard and newspaper. On table 4 we had the big word puzzles that Kallum kindly brought in for Kindy 1.

On the construction mat, our friends wanted to make a big road for the cars and to see how far they could make it. Leo wanted to try and make it bigger than yesterday. Maddison and Skyla worked together playing the connect-a-cube to see how high they could make their towers. When their towers fell over, the girls laughed and tried again to make it bigger.

As Florence brought in a world map in the shape of a ball, Miss Bronagh talked about the countries on it. Hunter was really interested in knowing all the countries on our Earth.

After our long play, we packed away and sat together for group time. Miss Qiu read a story called ‘Dear Zoo.’ Miss Qiu asked our friends to help her read the story. The sentences were short and she used her finger to point to each word. Miss Qiu sat the children in a big circle and talked about the correct way to hold our pencils. She gave a piece of paper to our friends with a pencil and asked her friends to draw their own mermaids and to put their names on the tops. What beautiful mermaids our friends drew.

For lunch we have our favourite, PIZZA! All of it was eaten by all our friends. They said it tastes so good. We had quiet activities, reading books, doing puzzles and playing puppets.

I hope everyone has the best weekend,

See you all next week,

Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh