Hello and Happy Friday to all our Kindergarten 1 friends and families, welcome to Friday the 13th of September 2019.

Today was a great day to end off the week with. We had lots of excited and happy friends this morning keen to get out and explore the outdoor environment and activities. We had hop scotch out along the new grass, connector box and connectors set up out on the large outdoor mat, reading books and pillows along our new planted garden, a fun and engaging obstacle course set up across the whole yard!

We had free expression drawing with fabric markers and crayons on the picnic tables set up on the deck and on the picnic tables on the yard we had lots of different dinosaurs and numeracy puzzles for all!

We came inside a little bit earlier today and ate our morning tea before we made our way down to the Pre Kindy Yard for our show we had this morning.

We all sat down on the mat for our morning group time songs – days of the week and our good morning song. We discussed what day it was and then changed our Be Kind Program gesture to Hi-Fi Friday!

The children had a quick play in the room while we waited to walk down to the show.  The children participated in the show today with the whole centre and they showed great enthusiasm throughout the whole event. The children learned about some of the Indigenous Story, their music instruments and how to make a Dideridoo. The children got to dance and move their whole body to the music which improves their gross motor skills as well as responsiveness to tasks. Everyone had a great time and really enjoy engaging with Lucas.

Parents next Monday the 16th of September we are having a dress up as a Emergency Worker. To raise some money to support the people who have suffered in the recent fires. Wear your emergency dress ups and make a gold coin donation to this important cause. There will also be a donation box in the office for non-perishable food items and bottled water.

Please help us assist those Queenslanders who are going through this horrendous disaster!

Miss Sophie and Miss Shannen will be wearing their Ambulance Shirts for the day.

We hope that everyone has a lovely weekend with friends and loved ones we will see everyone next week we look forward to hearing all about your weekend adventures on Monday.

Miss Sophie and Miss Shannen






Written by elckindy