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Jingeri Families and Friends and what a fabulous funky fun filled Friday we have had today. Friends came in bouncing with excitement this morning all! When Miss Kate arrived, Kaia came running up to her saying “I’m seeing the Hungry Caterpillar today” Miss Kate kindly asked if it would be okay if she came along, thankfully Kaia agreed!! Friends were all talking about going on the bus and how exciting it is going to be to watch one of our favourite books! To burn off some energy friends were running around enjoying the sunshine playing tag and running races. We also had friends drawing beautiful pictures and constructing the train track.

Once inside we warmed up our bodies and read the Hungry Caterpillar, friends joined in confidently. To transition we partnered up and flew like a butterfly to put on sunscreen, wash hands and sit to eat yummy morning tea! Once our bellies were full we headed back to the mat. Miss Kate then spoke about the safety of our trip, we discussed how we need to stay in partners and close to our specific adult. We practised going to our adults when Miss Kate stated to, this was to ensure we knew who to go to. We spoke about using our walking feet and we turned on our listening ears. Miss Kate asked about what we needed to do to go onto the bus, friends knew that they had to step onto the bus one at a time and that they would sit on their bottoms with their seat belts on.

Soon it was time to head to the bus, we grabbed our drink bottles and lined up like soldiers. We were off all buzzing with excitement and it made it all so real when we seen the Big bus that was named Murray! We carefully found a seat and had our teachers and adults all help us with putting on our seatbelt, and when everyone was strapped in we were on our way and what better song to sing along to as the bus drove off to – The Wheels on the BUS! We sung a few more songs and had a look around through the big bus windows – we spotted lots of cars and even more big bus that were heading in the same direction as us with more children. As we approached the HOTA we could all see the big rainbow building that we have been looking for at our Kindergarten 1 room, we carefully stepped off the bus and made a train with everyone while Miss Kate got our tickets from the ticket box.

Once at the HOTA we settled down into our seats and watched the show- it was so much fun!! Miss Kate treated us all to a special treat we each had a cup of popcorn to enjoy while we watched the show it so still nice and warm freshly cooked from the pop corn machine. We watched a few stories by Eric Carle’s from Brow bear, brown bear what can you see? The very busy spider, 10 little rubber ducks and our favourite The hungry Caterpillar. We absolutely loved them all, it was so well put together and the puppets were amazing! They all looked just like the characters from the book! When the show had finished we all gave a big clap and a wave to the actors, as we left our seats and headed back up to the main entry there was only one more thing we needed to do…. A class photo of course! To document the day and all of us wearing bright yellow/mustard shirts.

Back at Kindy we had a picnic for our lunch and rested our bodies and minds enjoying yummy freshy made sandwiches that Miss Kristie had made for us to all enjoy and fill up our hungry bellies then enjoying a quiet/rest time with table activities for the rest of the afternoon.

We would like to say a massive BIG thank-you to all our parents who came along with us all today, we couldn’t have gone with out their them helping out. We all did such a great job with listening and following instructions today that Miss Kate and Miss Shannen hope to take us on more adventures as a class this year.

What a brilliant day to finish and end the week off with! We hope that everyone enjoys a lovely and relaxing weekend, we cant wait to hear all about what you get up to on Monday. Stay safe, also a friendly reminder that if we can all please kindly add to our Easter Raffle basket that we will be raffling off to all that purchased a raffle ticket next Wednesday afternoon at our Easter in the park celebration. The bucket is located in the gym reception area. Thank you for all your donations.

Lots of love

Miss Kate, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea xx