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Jingeri Families and Friends we hope you had a lovely and relaxing weekend with all your loved ones and families, welcome back to another fun and exiting week ahead with Miss Kate and Miss Shannen, here is our blog for Monday the 12th of April 2021, we have all had a wonderful day and what a great day to start off the week, here is a snippet on our day….

Friendly reminder that you must wear your masks into the centre- you are allowed upstairs into the Kindergarten area. However you must remain in the area at the top of the stairs (by the Ipad). Please do not enter the classrooms, outdoors or bathroom. Also we have put out of parent/teacher interview time slots that are available for our first meeting of the year (the time table is allocated on the Kindergarten noticeboard) Thank you!

When we all arrived this morning, friends were playing inside our room, lots of activities were going on. We soon headed out to the sandpit for some fresh air, and warmed up in the sunshine where some friends played running races up and down the ramp and others were straight into the sand pit using all the buckets and spaded to build and construct sandcastles around the sandpit. While some of our other friends were enjoying the wooden train tracks creating their own tracks along the grass and mat that was set up! Toot Toot!

We then headed inside to start our day and daily program with Miss Kate on the mat, we welcomed and greeted all our friends and teachers to the day, said our Acknowledgement of the country., days of the week and help Miss Kate to write the day, date, month and year on the whiteboard before we started on our new sound of the week. We couldn’t start our day without firstly dancing to our warm up song ! Today our friends kindly requested if we could dance to up town funk. We sure did see lots of friends dance and groove showing us their best moves. We then recapped our sounds, practised writing with our “magic Pens” m, a, d, s, t, i!  Miss Kate then introduced the new sound/letter of the week “N”- Down knobby and over his net  “N” words such as: net, neck, Nan, never, ngorung, nyungdal, no, nail, nose, number, nine, nest, necklace, nest, ninja, night, nurse, nap and Name we had so many words that started with the sound N. We finished off our group time with practicing our numbers and listening to each friend tell us what they did over the weekend.

Once we had finished our group time, we all transitioned by playing clapping our names into symbols. When our bellies were full we joined Miss Kate back on the group time mat for our Affirmations – our friends looked in the mirror with I am…. Strong, Beautiful, brave, Kind, powerful, loved, fast, confident, capable, exciting, peaceful, blessed, ME and WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THE BEST DAY!

We were then all ready for todays Activities with Miss Kate and Miss Shannen.

The café was booked out today with all our friends wanting to dine in and enjoy our new menu that we had been busy making additions to the café – donuts, choc chip cookies and watermelon slices and spag bowl with meat balls!! Some friends were also down on the mat with cars and trucks, setting up the doll house for the dolls, and over on the art table some friends help Miss Shannen to paint some paper plates red in preparation for Anzac Day and our ceremony with our friends in Kindergarten 2, Pre Kindy and Senior Kindy in the next few weeks – we have been very busy!

We were all having so much fun that the time just went so fast that before we knew it, it was time to pack away all our activities and toys and help set up for our lunch with Miss Shannen. Before we did we had a group time with Miss Kate and discussed what we are grateful for we enjoyed our delicious lunch and then rested our bodies and minds with some music and books. We then drew in our journals today we chose to draw what we were grateful for. Friends were mostly grateful for their playing with their friends here at kindy!

To finish off our day our friend Murray shared his Show and Tell with us all, all about his familiy holiday to Tangalooma – it looked like so much fun and Murray was lucky enough to go for a ride in a helicopter!!

Thank you friends for a great day we will see you all tomorrow, enjoy your evenings.

Lots of love Miss Kate and Miss Shannen xx