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Parent Information 

CBCA Book Week October 17th-23rd (yes, again!)

Book character dress up day will take place on Monday, 17thOctober and Thursday, 22ndOctober. Feel free to bring a favourite book to school every day during book week!

Sleep time (for your information)

In preparation for school, the children no longer have sleep time. Instead, we have a longer play time, a later lunch, some yoga/children’s meditation/story, then quiet activities.

Transition Statement consent forms

May you please fill these forms in even though your child wouldn’t be going to Prep next year? Just tick the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ boxes on the front page, sign and fill your details out on the next page, leaving ‘school’ section blank.

Reading Books exchange system

Our reading books will now be located downstairs, in the gym, so that you’ll be able to pick a book with a child. We kindly ask that you make sure to return a book, before taking another one. Thank you!

Dear families and friends,

Happy Monday! While we were outdoors, Miss Qiu had a chat with some children about what they liked learning last week about the Earth. Julia said that she liked volcanoes and fire. Arianna wanted to learn about trees. Mason and Spencer liked learning about earthquakes and Maddison wanted to know everything!

For our first group time, Miss Qiu followed up on Hannah’s suggestion to write our ‘Mr Sun’ song out on a sheet of paper so that our friends could see the words and decorate it. We sounded out ‘sun’ together, letter by letter.

During our morning tea of fresh fruit and crackers, Zoey showed Miss Qiu the cracks on her rice cracker, which looked like cracks on the surface of the Earth. Then, when we had our second group time, we talked about the cracks on the Earth’s surface and how earthquakes happen.

Before the children went off to play, everyone recalled the amazing roads and round-a-bouts that they made on the large carpet last week. Also, Mason, who is the teacher’s helper today, set 3 tables up with activities he wanted everyone to explore. For Math, we talked about using our measuring tape to find out how long and how wide something is.

Instead of Miss Bronagh, we had Miss Gillian with us today. Miss Gillian helped the children made spooky spider paintings with their hand prints. Our friends personalised their spider by adding webs, eyes and teeth.

As we now have a longer morning play time, we broke it up with a story break with Miss Gillian. She engaged everyone with a book about plastic and its impact on our Earth. Everyone felt bad for our poor turtles and animals in the ocean that struggle with plastic waste in the ocean!

We wish all of you a nice start to the week.

Miss Qiu, Miss Gillian and Miss Alex.