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Hello friends and families, welcome back to another fun and exciting week ahead in the Kindergarten 1 class with Miss Kate and Miss Shannen, we hope that all our friends and families all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunny weather while it lasted, we love hearing about all our friends weekends and all the fun adventures you all get up too! If any of our friends have photos of their weekends at any time we would love to see them, this is our blog for Monday the 15th of March 2021 and a little snippet of our day.

Well being the first day back from the weekend is always fun and exciting as we missed all our friends so much and cant wait to see them and tell them all about what we did with our friends and families, when our friends arrived to kindy they were all so exciting to see our Café had come to life and was all set up just like we all had imagined if not better! We named our café The Cloud Café some friends said that our café looked like a real café!

We headed outside once we had put on our own hats and sunscreen to stretch our legs and move our bodies before the clouds opened and lucky for us it held off for us till later in the morning. Some friends help to set up the yard with Miss Shannen this morning creating their own obstacle course!

Just after 9am we headed inside to start our daily program and fill up our bellies with yummy morning tea that Miss Kristie had made for us all. We put away our hats and had a big drink of water before joining Miss Kate down on the group time mat where this morning we recapped the letters and sounds we had learned, see it, say it, write it! This then followed into our affirmations Miss Kate stated that one by one we would look in the mirror and state our affirmation, Miss Kate would write it on the mirror. I am… Beautiful, Enough, Strong, Brave, Kind, Calm, Confident and Loved. Ending off our group time with our days of the week, the Acknowledgement and our Warm up dance song that today was Spice Girls – Stop Right Now!

Morning tea the children all enjoyed yummy fresh fruit platter with rice cakes. Once we had all finished eating our morning tea we went straight into activity time and friends all couldn’t wait to go into the café. Friends were super excited to see the bran new “Cloud Café” Rafi took on the role as Chef and cooked up Anthony and Jasmine (the customers) some Pizza. While Lola had taken their order she was making the “Coffee and Smoothie” that Jasmine has ordered .Cars were popular with Toby, Aaron, Murray, Frankie, Rapha and Kaia. They constructed the wooden road and worked as a team to do this.

Luke and Max headed for the Investigation Area where they searched for Dinosaur fossils. Indi, Rosie and Milly relaxed in our chill area, they explored books and laid back on the comfy cushions. Sophia, Lucia, Zara Jordie, and Fynlee pulled out the new shape blocks. They constructed a tower and a house with “a pointy roof”. With all that fun we had we were all ready for lunch and we had toasted pita breads with fresh salad bar and avocado dip.


During our quite/rest time Miss Kate showed us that we have our own journals “I know what that is, it is something we write in”- Lola At rest time we sat by ourself and drew either “I am grateful for” or “I am…” or “The best part of the day”

This was beautiful to watch and friends engaged very well.



We also started making our “Affirmation sensory bottles” We helped Miss Kate placed the labels on the bottle and we chose colours to represent the affirmation on the bottle.


And if that wasn’t enough we all started on our Easter craft!


What a busy and fun day!! See you all tomorrow everyone.


Lots of love Miss Kate and Miss Shannen xx