Hello and good afternoon to all our Kindergarten 1 friends and families, we hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and are ready for another fun filled week with Miss Sophie and Miss Shannen. Welcome to Monday the 17th of June 2019.

This morning was a lovely Winter’s day and a great day to start the week of with we had many friends exploring the playground fort with climbing up on the net, using the robe to help pull themselves up on the wooden log ramp, digging in the sandpit with the trucks and using the sandpit buckets and spades to transfer the sand back and forth, the MUD Kitchen was in full operation this morning with lots of friends making coffees, cakes and ice creams. We had our equipment set up out on the grass as an obstacle course along with our spinning tables that were in the perfect spot to warm up.

Up on deck we had Miss Sophie playing all our friends requested songs to dance along to we had many friends sing along to their favourite songs.

We came inside a littler earlier today as we had our art lesson with Miss A from 10:30 -11:30am.

All our friends came inside and sat on the mat for our group time. This morning we sung our good mornings, days of the week where we all discovered as a class that today was MONDAY and Monday for our Be Kind Program is Make A New Friend Monday. Our star of the day is Josh! Josh was very excited to hear his name as today was Josh’s first day at being Star of the day and he did a fantastic job! We would also like to say a very Happy Birthday to our friend Eric who today is turning 4! Eric wanted to share his special day with all his friends at kindy and brought in a Freddo ice cream cake and Oreos to share with everyone to help celebrate his special day. Thank you, Eric, for sharing we hope that you have a wonderful day and may all your wishes come!

Miss A arrived shortly after we all ate our morning tea and today, we had yummy raspberry cake and a variety of fresh fruit. Today Miss A continued with all our friends drawing circles, lollipops and caterpillars with boots, hair, legs and eyes using all different coloured pencils. Once all our friends had finished with the circle activity Miss A set up a mat with rocks and sticks, coloured feathers, sea shell’s and many other materials for all our friends to use and create circles. We also each painted a paper plate with green paint as next week we will be decorating our painted circles with Miss A resources creating patterns. The children are really enjoying the art classes with Miss A.

Our friends had a short morning play today due to our art lesson. We had many friends get creative in the block area constructing a tower and house using the wooden blocks the towers were as high as the sky! Friends were busy in the home corner area with outfit changes in the dress ups, caring for babies and making food for their babies, and our Duplo has been very popular with our friends lately with he Duplo being made into cars and rockets for then to be raced around the room using some friends using the wooden blocks as a ramp and launch pad.

We have had a really good day and enjoyed celebrating Eric’s birthday.

See you all tomorrow

Miss Sophie and Miss Shannen

Written by elckindy