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CBCA Book Week this week, October 17th-23rd

Book character dress up dayThursday, 22ndOctober. Feel free to bring a favourite book to school every day during book week!


For our doctor’s clinic: medicine dispenser/syringe (the one used for dispensing syrup-y medication), gloves, small torches, bandages, etc.

For our loose parts play: Sea shells, glass pebbles, anything pretty!

For our recycled art: small boxes (e.g. tissue box- sized and smaller)








Good afternoon families and friends,

What a beautiful morning it was today. It was lovely to see everyone dressed up today for Book Week. Lots of princesses in the room today. Everyone had lots of fun in the outside yard, playing with each other, climbing, running, sand play, and much more.

We lined up and dust the dirt and sand off ourselves, then washed our hands, came inside and sat on the mat. We sang our good morning songs, greeted each other and said our acknowledgement to county. We lined up for morning tea.

When finished, we packed away and sat for group time. Mason brought Mr Cockatoo home over the weekend. He was very excited to tell us what he got up to. They went to the park and played on the swings and slides. Mason taught Mr Cockatoo how to play dinosaur snap when they went home. Then after dinner Mason’s dad read stories to him and Mr Cockatoo before having along sleep. On Saturday, Mason brought Mr Cockatoo to Sea world where they met Paw Patrol! How awesome. On Sunday, they went to Carrara markets and had yummy food from the bakery and went shopping. What a wonderful weekend.

For today’s activities, we have our green play dough on the table, which we used to make some cool monsters with pipe cleaners and eyes. Our friends have different equipment to cut the play dough into different shapes like, stars, circles, squares and triangles. On table 2 we had LEGO. Skyla, Julia and Sara played together, building and making princess castles. Mason and Ada had fun playing snap at table 3, taking turns and helping each other to find the matching pair.

Doctor’s Clinic was open today. Our friends had fun pretending to be doctor’s, nurses’ and patients. Our friends had lots of hospital equipment, beds, forms to fill in, a thermometer, syringe and much more. Our friends preformed ‘surgery’ on each other!

Sara, Arianna and Zoey decided to build a huge tower. They worked together to stack the bricks on top of each other and in-between they used the carpet samples. Their tower was so big it was bigger than Arianna, then it feel overhand everyone laughed!

At 11am, we stopped, gathered together and Miss Bronagh read a book called, ‘Hush little possum.’ We talked about how out mum’s will always protect us and keep us safe. We continued playing again, then packed away our toys at 11.30am, and sat for group time with Miss Qiu.

Zoey brought in a show and tell for her friends also. She took pictures of her feeding the turtles over the weekend. Zoey and her sister brought white food with spoons and looked for turtles. Some turtles came up to them and Zoey put the food onto the spoon to feed the turtles. Kallum said that turtles eat fish, Arianna said they eat lettuce and Hunter said they eat ‘brown food.’ Zoey also brought in a book, ‘Finding Nemo.’

We then went and washed our hands and got ready for lunch. We had lovely Mexican food today, beef and lentil nachos. Everyone enjoyed this food and even had seconds. We tidied away our plates and water bottles, then sat down and watched Dreamtime Stories, did some yoga then played quiet activities.

In the afternoon, we practised out Graduation songs (it’s getting so close now) so we are prefect for our mums and dads. We then went out side for afternoon tea, put on our suncream and had lots of fun before going home.

Hope everyone had the best weekend,

Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh