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Hello and good afternoon to all our wonderful Kindergarten 1 friends and families, welcome all back to another fun and exciting week ahead in the Kindergarten 1 room, we hope that everyone had a lovely weekend with friends and loved ones. Welcome to ‘make a friend Monday’. Monday the 21st of October 2019.

Parents just a friendly reminder that all this week from Monday 21st October to Friday 25th October is our Kindy Photos. Photos are being taken in the reception office from 8:30am. Please dress your child in their best attire or pack the clothes you wish to have their photo taken in we will be more than happy to change them into it. We have also now put up a RSVP list for our Kindergarten 1 Graduation RSVP list along with our end of year Parent/Educator Interviews that we will be holding on Monday the 25th November and Tuesday 26th November, please put your child’s and your name in the time slots available. Please also check your Parent Pockets on a daily basis as coming towards the end of the year we will be putting some things inside them for you all. Thank you.

Today we had Miss Danna in the room with Miss Shannen and all our friends helping out while Miss Sophie is away. Miss Sophie will be back on Thursday. This morning we all had a wonderful day in the yard enjoying all the areas and spaces that were set up and of course the beautiful weather we had, we all enjoyed playing and warming up in the sun. We had the obstacle course set up along with the hop scotch mats, art table, sandpit buckets and spades, trucks and diggers and our cooking equipment for our MUD Kitchen.

As we were all having such a great morning, playing so beautifully together we decided to stay outside a little while longer and enjoy the outdoors.

Once it was time for us all to go inside for morning tea and our mat time we all lined up as toy soldiers and marched inside to wash our hands, put our hats away and join Miss Shannen on the mat for mat time, here we sung our usual group time songs, days of the week, changed our Be Kind Program and had a little chat about what we all did over the weekend. We had a short mat time due to the later play outside and our art class with Mrs.A. The children all enjoyed some yummy honey flavoured yogurt, with a platter of fresh fruit – rockmelon, blueberries and pears topped off with some crunchy muesli to fill up our hungry bellies.

After we all had finished eating our morning tea we had free play activities while we waited for Kindergarten 2 to finish their art lesson.

Indigo, Mitchell, Charlotte, Olivia. B, Rie, Remy and Keeva all very all very busy in the home corner area with dress changes and cooking for all their babies. Blaze, Ryder, Aron, Chase used the large wooden blocks to create jumps for their Duplo cars. Eric and Josh enjoyed playing with the train tracks along the floor and mats  

This morning we had our Monday art class with Mrs.A and today we continued with Alien drawings from last week, using lost of oil pastels and fabric markers to draw, colour and create their Aliens all created with their imagination. We had some specular Aliens along with creative names for each one.

We all had a wonderful day together and a lovely day to start the week off with. See you all tomorrow. Miss Shannen and Miss Danna.

Written by elckindy

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