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Christmas Raffle

May we kindly request that you add a few things to our K1 Christmas Raffle box? This does not have to be expensive and can include every day items such as tea, coffee, chocolates, mugs, etc.


Many hats have gone missing, as children from both classes have been helping themselves to any hat they see. Please ensure that your child comes to school with a hat, either the school’s or your own. There is a lesser chance of hats going astray if it’s not a school hat! Also, please return any spare hats that you might have at home.


In preparation for Big School, please feel free to add empty food containers/lunchboxes into your child’s bag!

Christmas Party

8th December, Tuesday from 10-11am.


Good afternoon everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend.

This morning our friends were so happy and excited to see Elf on the Shelf had arrived to our room. Everyone was so excited! We choose a name for the Elf together, we decided to call him Elfie. We have to be careful around Elfie, as if we touch him he can loose his magic!

Our friends listened to Christmas songs on our CD player, our friends where dancing around then played a few games. In one, our friends had to touch one another, if they were tagged, they would have to freeze. Then our friends would have to crawl under their legs to unfreeze them. Our friends enjoyed this game and played very well with one another.

We continued to make our Christmas cards and presents, they look so good! We played some puzzles, LEGO and lots of christmas drawings.

See you all later,

Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh