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Halloween Week (this week)

We have noticed that the children love dressing up. Therefore, instead of designating Tuesday and Friday as dress-up days, please feel free to dress your child up in whatever costume they wish, every or any day of the week!


We’d like to include every kindergarten child in our graduation concert. Yes, even if your child isn’t going to Prep next year, they will still be part of our graduation concert, and you are invited to attend!

Also, we are very sorry that siblings aren’t allowed to attend. Bellevue Park Primary has COVID guidelines, which we have to follow as we are using their facilities. Therefore, we can only allow 2 adults to attend.

Good morning family and friends,

Welcome to the last week of October. This week is Halloween week! We look forward to seeing all the children in their costumes, spooky or not. This morning, Zoey came in a witch’s costume complete with an orange broom and a hat with pink hair. She looked adorable!

Following up from Skyla’s home-made reading book last week, Miss Qiu read one of the reading books during group time.

During morning play time, Miss Bronagh sat with some children who were interested in writing words. Meanwhile, Miss Qiu followed up on the questions about the surgeon’s outfit that the children asked last week. Also, we unveiled Spencer’s mum’s contribution to our doctor’s clinic and discussed what they thought each of the equipment was used for.

For our book break, Miss Aimee read Mason’s book, the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

After our book break, the children swapped play spaces and got to engage in the other half of the room.

Have a lovely Monday, everyone!


Miss Qiu, Miss Bronagh and Miss Aimee