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Jingeri Families and Friends we hope that all our friends each enjoyed their weekend with lots of our friends hosting birthday parties! We have herd all about them and what fun you all had! We will be celebrating some of our friends birthdays during the week, this afternoon Miss Aslin sent out a very important email in regards to COVID restrictions starting today, for those who haven’t received or read the email we have provided all the information below –

Due to the situation taking place in Greater Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay and Byron Bay Farm and Byron Bay Beach Hotel and the new restrictions on the Gold Coast we have had to:

  • Cancel our Easter Celebrations with our families.  The children will still get a visit from the Easter Bunny!
  • We will return to foyer collection & drop-off, commencing at pick-up time today with Benowa Early Learning Centre having Educators running between rooms and the foyer – no families to enter rooms or yards please
  • Please contact us immediately if you or your immediate family / children have visited the ‘reported locations’.
  • Some of our regular Educators are unable to work this week / until current lock-down ceases due to living or having visited key Covid locations/regions.
  • Also our Educators running & office staff are highly likely to be wearing masks this afternoon as a precaution – our Educators will be addressing this with children to prepare them during their group times.
  • It is also likely that Parents will need to have masks on before entering the foyer area, again we will revert to x 1 parent only for collection & where possible avoid siblings coming to collection, but depending on their age they will also need to wear a mask to enter the foyer area.
  • Please sanitise on entry to gates and before using our ipad for sign in and out.
  • Please follow all instructions as they are released from QLD Department of Health

Welcome to our blog for Monday the 29th of March 2021, here is a little snippet on our day…  When we all arrived this morning we were all still on a high from our weekends parting with friends and celebrating birthdays that we all couldn’t wait to see and tell all our friends and teachers. We played inside till just before 8am where we then put on our exploring hats, applied our own sunscreen and protected our face and head with putting on our hats! We lined up as soldiers and were ready to go and play in the sunshine! This morning we had so many things to see and play with, the yard was full of fun! We had an obstacle course, train tracks, reading corner, spinning tables, slides, balance beams along with buckets, spades and dinosaurs through out the sandpit!

We ran, jumped and dance outside till 9am, the heading inside to start our day and daily program with Miss Kate on the mat, we welcomed and greeted all our friends and teachers, said our welcome to country, clapped our hats along to Days of the week where today we discovered that it was MONDAY the first day of the week! Miss Kate recapped on all our sounds and letters that we have been learning lately D, M, A, S and T we have all been practicing so very well Miss Kate was very impressed.

Once we had finished our group time we all transitioned to the bathroom to wash our hands ready for morning tea that Miss Nat had made for us all, we enjoyed a fresh banana, sultanas and yummy corn cakes filling up all our bellies for the morning. Before we then joined Miss Kate back on the group time mat for our Affirmations – our friends looked in the mirror with I am…. Strong, Beautiful, Enough, Kind, A great friend, Brave, helpful, and at the end we all said WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THE BEST DAY!

This morning for our table activities Miss Shannen and some of our friends set up easter activities – we had matching Easter eggs patterns, Easter egg threading, Easter egg colouring in and as we have been practising our sounds and letters Miss Kate had an activity where our friends each used their fine motor skills and wrote the letter D and as Donuts start with the letter D we painted and decorated donuts!

Before we knew it, it was lunch time and we all enjoyed a yummy spag bowl with fresh pita bread for dipping yummy!

For the rest of the afternoon we enjoyed quiet time activities and a rest  before enjoying the rest of the afternoon outside playing until pick up.

Just a friendly reminder that our Easter in the park is cancelled but we are kindly asking is everyone can please donate a gift to our Easter Hamper as we will be raffling back to you when restrictions ease.

Thank you everyone for your understanding.

See you all tomorrow

Lots of love – Miss Kate and Miss Shannen

We will also be closed this Friday the 2nd and 5th of April for the Easter break. We hope that all our friends and families all have a wonderful break we have herd that some of our friends will be camping!