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Floral Friday

Please dress your child up in floral clothes or flowers this Friday, 6thNovember.

Parents Teacher Interviews

These will run for 10 minutes per parent and aren’t compulsory to sign up for. Please state if you’d like a phone conversation or a face-to-face meeting.

Monday, 16thNovember – 3.30-5pm

Tuesday, 17thNovember – 3.30-5pm

Christmas Party

Date and time: 8thDecember 10-11am

Venue: Big carpark beside the Kindergarten building.

Due to COVID guidelines, only 2 adults are allowed, and the school will provide nibbles for this occasion. The children will sing you some Christmas songs, and we’ll have some nice activities set out.

Dear families and friends,

Happy Monday and welcome to November!

We picked Hunter to be the teacher’s helper today. He found ‘November’ to replace October on our calendar, as well as adjusted the date and day of the week accordingly.

Today, our invented spelling word of the day was ‘pumpkin’. Our friends came up with ‘pumcin’, which is pretty close!

A big thank you to Julia’s parents for bringing in lots of empty medicine/vitamin bottles, empty packs of band-aids and more. After reading ‘I went walking’, where the children repeated each line after Miss Qiu, we discussed different play scenarios for our doctor’s clinic play. The doctor always finds the right medicine to dispense their patients. Besides, we wouldn’t want doctors to give us cough medicine when we have a broken foot!

During morning play, the children did beautiful water colour paintings, arranged planet cards, pretended that cars were zooming around volcanoes, and played in our doctor’s clinic.

Our Math focus for this week will continue to be based around the concept of ‘more’ and ‘less’, and numbers that ‘bigger than’ and ‘smaller than’. To do this, we will be using actual objects to demonstrate.

Have a beautiful afternoon, everyone!


Miss Qiu, Miss Shawn and Miss Alex (Miss Bronagh is away on holidays)