Christmas Party tomorrow, 8thDecember

Please arrive around 9.55am to sign in and then head straight up! Also, please dress  your child in Christmas clothes and accessories. Feel free to come dressed in Christmas gear if you’d like!

Our friends have ben practising so hard and we are all super excited! 

Good afternoon families and friends,

What a fun filled day we had to day in Kindy 1. We went outside for our water play just after 10am. We had 200 water bombs, water pistols, spray bottles and the water hose. Safe to say that everyone got very wet today. Thank goodness we all brought in spare clothes. Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh both got stuck into the fun as well. Our friends had the best laughs chasing each other and getting wet. I didn’t matter that it rained on and off today as we all got wet anyway. The children said they had the best fun and wanted to do it again!

We got all clean and dry then we came inside for some activities, drawing, reading, house/dolls, writing and construction play.

We practised for the Christmas concert tomorrow, everyone is super excited. Cant wait to see you all and to be together upstairs again. It’s been so long since we had parents upstairs.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, I knew we did!

Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh