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Hello friends and families of our Kindergarten 1 room, we hope that all our friends and families each had a lovely and relaxing weekend and enjoyed the sunshine and beautiful weather we had, we love hearing about what all our friends each got up to, its always so exciting seeing all our friends and teachers come Monday morning. Welcome to Monday the 8th of March 2021, and our blog for Monday, it’s the start of a new week and Miss Kate and Miss Shannen cant wait to see what this week brings for us.

Just a friendly reminder to all our friends and parents if you can all please remember to sign in and sign out your child or children on both drop off and pick up the ipad is located on the Kindergarten 1 notice board if you have any questions or require help Miss Kate or Miss Shannen will be happy to help and assist.

This morning we were all very keen to get out to the outdoors and explore the areas and play spaces that were created in our yard, we had the obstacle course, sandpit full of buckets and spades, dinosaurs, free expression painting on the mirrors, climbing and sliding down the fort and playground and one of our favourites is to dance and boogie along to the music with lots of requests for Frozen today.

Before we knew it, it was time for us all to line up and head inside for our morning tea and to begin our program for the day. This morning friends were welcomed by Miss Kate with a high 5, fist pump or a hug and a big Jingeri (Welcome in Yugambeh Language). We sat on the mat and Jordie chose a flag out of the basket- she chose the Fiji Flag. We had a look where Fiji was on the map and answered the roll by saying “Bula” We then all contuied with our group time songs – days of the week where today we knew exactly what day it was – MONDAY some of our friends help Miss Kate with the date, month and year while Miss Kate wrote it on the board. This weeks sound of the week is T Miss Kate explained to us about writing the letter T and with our magic pens (fingers) we drew in the air the letter T with a little rhyme – down the tall tower, across the tall tower, We will be practicing this sound for the rest of the week.  Morning tea this morning our friends all enjoyed a yummy bowl of fresh fruit pieces, and rice crackers. Followed with more yummy food for lunch and today it was fresh salad bar with toasted veggie, cheese and bean triangle pita breads.

Today we introduced the tall mirror and Miss Kate stated that one by one we would look in the mirror and state our affirmation, Miss Kate would write it on the mirror.  I am…, Beautiful, Loved, Strong, Good, Brave, Kind, Grateful. This will become a daily activity for all of our Kindergarten 1 friends.

For the rest of the morning our friends Rosie, Murray, Anthony, Sophia, Jasmine enjoyed drawing masterpieces in the creative table


Homecorner was busy with Lucia, Jordie, Indi, Milly, Rafi cooking and serving some breakfast.


Aaron, Kaia, Rapha, Toby, Luke and Max were constructing a tall tower out of blocks. Miss Kate challenge was to try and get it taller than them!


Sophia, Zara, Fynlee, Frankie and Lola sat in the reading/relaxing area enjoying a book and exploring the affirmation cards.

Thank you friends for a great first day of the week, we will see you all tomorrow

Enjoy your evenings

Lots of love Miss Kate and Miss Shannen xx