Hello and welcome to another fun and exciting week ahead in the Kindergarten room with Miss Sophie and Miss Shannen. We hope that everyone had a lovely weekend with friends and loved ones. Welcome to Monday the 9th of September 2019

From everyone in Kindergarten 1 we would all like to wish Miss Sophie a very big Happy Birthday for today!  

What a wonderful spring morning to start the week off with outside in the yard, our friends Hannah and Indigo were having a great time playing in the sandpit, building sand castles and making some delicious food. Olivia C, Ryder, Parker and Aron were speeding down the new slide, seeing how fast they could make it to the bottom. It became a bit of a race and competition.

Outside we had a fun obstacle course set up on our new grass, sandpit toys and trucks in the sandpit area and lots of fun cooking equipment and trays to use and create in the MUD kitchen area with the kitchen table set up.

We came inside a little bit after all our Kindergarten 2 friends as they came inside first for art, we stayed outside enjoying the morning all together.

Once it was time to come inside for morning tea and mat time we all lined up as crabs today and walked sideways into the bathroom to wash our hands and make our way on the mat with Miss Sophie. During mat time we all sung our good morning song together, days of the week, changing our Be Kind Program to ‘Make A Friend Monday’ we finished off our group time with reading our friend Tara’s book ‘Cinderella’ then the children transitioned to star of the day and today our star is Olivia.B

Today for morning tea we had yummy honey yogurt, with blueberries, strawberries and honey dew along with some dried apricots and sultanas to add or mix into the yogurt creating our own mix! It was yummy!

As we came inside a little later and ate later this morning we had a short play before going to next doors Kindergarten 2’s room for art with Miss A.

This morning for our art class Miss A started off the lesson with reading and showing us all some books on whales and the underwater sea life. We spoke about all the types of whales that are in the ocean and what types of foods the whales eat. This then extend to all the children learning what colours to mix together to make a grey (black and white) the children then went to the tables where there was big pieces of paper with rollers, sponges, brushes and more to paint each paper with the different tools. Once all the painting was finished Miss A then gave all the children a blank piece of paper and along with Miss A the children drew their very own whale using pencils and their gross motor skills. The whales looks amazing everyone was so very proud of their art and next week the children will be using the paper that they all painted to collage the whales shredding the paper and sticking it all on! We cant wait to finish them all off next Monday.

Today was a great start to the week. Everyone played so nicely with each other outside during our morning play and were all very engaged in our art lesson.

See you all tomorrow

 Miss Sophie and Miss Shannen


Written by elckindy