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We hope you and your child have been enjoying the use of our reading books. Soon, we will stop the program. This is so that the books have time to be returned for next year’s Kindergarten classes to use.

Kindly return all reading books by next Monday, 14th December.


Good afternoon friends and families,

This morning we had lots of fun playing outside. We had a picnic for morning tea and talked about how it is Isla’s and Ada’s last day at Kindergarten today! It’s so sad saying good bye to our friends, but we know they are moving onto better and bigger things. Good luck girls, enjoy your Christmas!

We decided to stay outside, our friends wanted to play tag, chases and reindeers. Lots of running around and burning their energy.  We came inside and had group time, talked about the days of the week and the date and how there is only 14 sleeps til Christmas, our friends said, ‘that’s too long away’!

We played more in the classroom, drawing pictures, building roads and making different objects with arts and craft.

Hope everyone had a great day,

Miss Bronagh and Miss Shannon