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January 16, 2020 Kindergarten 1 No Comments

Good morning families and friends,

Happy Thursday!

We sang a few songs this morning to get the children settled into their time indoors. “Down by the meadow”, “Mr Sun”, “If all the raindrops”, “Jelly on my plate” and “Little fish”. Following that, we did the morning roll. We explained the importance of doing the roll when there is a fire drill. They have to listen for their names, and when it’s called out, raise their hands straight up and say, “Here!” loudly and clearly. Milah was keen to tell me that she doesn’t play with fire. There was a short agreement of non-fire playing amongst the children. Then, we did some morning stretches. We tried balancing on one leg, reaching up high, touching our toes, twisting back and forth, and stretching side to side. It felt great. We utilize opportunities like these to incorporate healthy habits into the day.

During morning play time, the children explored home corner, trains, and drawing with crayons. These are the times when the children build relationships and connect with each other. At the same time, there is no shortage of occasions where they have to learn to negotiate for themselves, especially when it comes to taking turns!

No start of the year would be complete without self-portraits! The colours are somewhat abstract today – with some non-stereotypical colours for their faces. The children had the autonomy to pick their own colour for their hair, eyes, nose, mouth and ears. As they were painting, they were asked some questions about themselves. This helps us get to know them a little better.

Questions: What’s your favourite colour? Favourite food? Favourite thing to do with mummy/daddy? Favourite book?

Conner: Blue, Cupcakes, washing (great!) and dinosaur books.

Leo: Blue, pineapples, going in the car, Maccas and Maracas.

Zoey: Pink, chocolates, reading books with mummy and daddy, turtle book.

Lyla: Purple, chocolates, painting, kitty books.

Milah: Red, kinder surprise, Esla painting with mummy, Peter Rabbit.

Marco: Red, mice-cone, super-wings, Dino-truck books.

Rohan: Blue, kebabs, going to Movie Worlds, my books are in the cabinet…

Charli: Pink, muffins, baking with mummy, Elsa book.

Connor: Orange, blue, yellow and red, apples, playing Guess Who? and playing with my LEGO garbage trucks.

Have a lovely afternoon!


Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh

Written by elckindy

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