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The photographers have been doing a fantastic job with the children’s pictures! Most of the children had their ‘normal’ photo and graduation photo taken, with their gowns on. Please let Shaz know if you’d like to place an order.


We will be giving out their invitations and we will personally place it in their bags. If your child is at school today, the invitations will be in their bags. Due to COVID, we can only allow 2 adults to graduation. Miss Qiu will print a list out and place it downstairs, on the easel. Please write the names of both adults. Thank you!


For our doctor’s clinic: medicine dispenser/syringe (the one used for dispensing syrup-y medication), gloves, small torches, bandages, etc.

For our loose parts play: Sea shells, glass pebbles, anything pretty!

For our recycled art: small boxes (e.g. tissue box- sized and smaller)

Good afternoon families and friends,

Our friends had fun playing in the outside yard this morning. We have lots of superiors and princess in class today. Lucky us! We welcomed our new friend today, Grayson! Welcome Grayson. He came dressed up as an awesome ‘mummy’ and his book about Mummies. Everyone made him feel welcome and played with him.

Happy Book Week dress up day! Koa was a scary ninja!

When we came inside we sat on the mat, sang our morning songs and greeted each other. Miss Qiu talked about invented writing, getting the children to  try and spell out different words. Today’s word was ‘Wonder Woman.’ We then got ready for morning tea.

After morning tea, we had group time. Matthew brought in a space puzzle for him and his friends to play with. He talked about how cool it is and he enjoys it. He said it’s not very difficult and everyone could try. Alexander brought in a cool book that when you paint it with water the colours appear on the page. WOW! He put it on the table with two paintbrushes for his friends to try it.

We decided to make a big sign for our ‘Doctor’s Clinic.’ Miss Qiu wrote the words then our friends all helped it colour it in, all different colours, bright and beautiful. Great work friends.

Miss Hayley came in for yoga with us today and everyone had a nice, gentle session with her.

Hope everyone had a great day,

Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh